I’m a content and creative director with a passion for storytelling with a decade of professional experience. I’ve spent the past several years working for high-profile brands like Williams Sonoma, Under Armour, and Target’s Shipt developing e-commerce creative strategies, driving innovation through provocative storytelling and powerful brand messaging in blog, video, and social media channels. My responsibilities have ranged from upper level digital content and social strategy, as well as creating stories and brand initiatives, social media channels, and beyond.

Beyond working in content, I am a relationship coach and host the podcast, Interrelate in which I have conversations with people about different aspects of relationships. I also write stories as seen in MyFitnessPal, mindbodygreenCareer Contessa and The Muse, and am working on my first book.

I have a BA in English and Creative Writing and a Master’s in English Literature from the University of Maine where I’m from. With a passion in holistic wellness, I also have a certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.