I’m a content and creative brand strategist with a passion for humanist storytelling. I’m equally passionate about bettering people’s lives as a life and relationship coach. While these two are seemingly disparate they both share one thing: a love of people, which I believe is captured in the stories I help tell for brands and people’s lives that I help shape on an individual basis.

Having spent the past several years working for high-profile brands like Williams Sonoma, Under Armour, and Target’s Shipt developing e-commerce creative strategies and now in the ad-tech space, I drive innovation through provocative storytelling and powerful brand messaging through a variety of media, ranging from blog and video to social media and e-commerce.

As a life and relationship coach I help my clients navigate interpersonal challenges in their lives while simultaneously helping them pursue their best life. I’m also the host of Interrelate, a podcast in which I have conversations with people about different aspects of relationships.

Writing is how I navigate my own personal challenges and seek growth, and I’ve written for a number of outlets, including MyFitnessPal, mindbodygreenCareer Contessa, and The Muse. I hope to share my learnings to the world at some point with my first book.

I have a BA in English and Creative Writing and a Master’s in English Literature from the University of Maine where I’m from. With a passion in holistic wellness, I also have a certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.